Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Other Accessories~ 06-01-09

This is where you can find all other accessories else than earrings and necklaces! ^^ Have fun!

Leopard fur bangle $12 (It's stretchable fits all sizes,  used ard 3 times but it's branded good stuff)

Twin dragon tibetian silver bangle $14
This piece is very detailed,  bought from Shanghai. 

Pink Blossom hair clip $2 Super cute!!

Dark red crystal hairclip $6, very intricate and small.

Silver teddy ring. $7 free size!

Random stuff XP 6-01-09

Hey everyone had great new year time??
I was sick for quite a while, school reopened and i love the new canteen haha.
Alright, some more random stuff on sale!!

egg and cake design handphone deco chains. $ 3 each

Squeezie nodamame beans chain~~$4 
(the pea in the center can be squeezed out whenever you feel sian, 
the faces on it may vary, Very irresistable itchy-hand helper~~~^^)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Necklaces~ 06-01-08 ^^ UODATED!!

SOLD!!! Tibetan Silver necklace.  $12 ( 2 sides different, meant wellness and fulfillment. Bought fr Xiamen, short chain)

Around the World $10

School bus $8

SOLD!!!I wanna live $16

Juicy $10 (it's bigger than it seems)

SOLD!!! Cool nerd $8

Scooter $7

Ka-cha $12

Casual wear $8

Childhood $7

Imperial $12 (this one has no clips, just wind it around ur neck,very interesting and elegant piece)
Lullaby $7

River Island necklace (i bought this bt NEVER use at all....ToT )$10

Enlightenment $8

 Freedom $7

 Mushroom $8

Actual products~ 

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Earrings! 30-12-08

Blue $5/pair

Golden rings $6/pair (this was from Monet)

Black studs $5/pair (Monet too, very simple but elegant piece)

Pink blossoms $5/pair (Anna s** duplica or smth..)

Clouds $5/pair

SOLD!!!Ribbons n Beads $5/pair

SOLD!!!B/W beads $4/pair

Strawberries $4/pair (awww love this!)

Red/white stars $4/pair

Cakes $5/pair

Silver bear with crystals $3/pair

SOLD!!! E. Towers $ 5/pair

Pink bears $2 pair

Silver doggies $3/pair

Transparent bears $3/pair (on top tt thing is my nails...not for sell)

SOLD!!! Cats $5/pair

Triangle $4/pair

Silver bear $3/pair

Ice cream/Donut $4/pair

Icecream $2/pair